Dexmedetomidine is a central α2-agonist (α21 activity 1600:1) used for its sedation and analgesic properties.

Property Action
Class Imidazole derivative
Pharmaceutics D-stereoisomer of medetomidine (the L-stereoisomer is inactive)
Uses Sedation without respiratory depression
Presentation Clear colourless solution at 10µ
Route of Administration IV only
Dosing 0.2-0.7µ
Distribution 95% protein bound
Metabolism Hepatic to inactive metabolites
Elimination Renal of metabolites, t1/2β of 2 hours
CVS Initial transient ↑ SVR and BP due to α1 effects, followed by ↓ MAP, ↓ HR.

Rebound ↑ BP when abruptly ceased.
CNS Sedation, anxiolysis at low dose (anxiogenic at high dose), amnesia. ↓ MAC.

↓ SNS outflow.


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