Pulmonary Vasodilators

Property Nitric Oxide Iloprost Sildenafil
Class Inorganic gas Synthetic eicosanoid with prostacyclin activity
Uses ARDS, RVF, PHTN PHTN PHTN, erectile dysfunction
Presentation Aluminium cylinders with 100/800ppm NO/N2 Synthetic analogue of epoprostenol
Route of Administration Inhaled Inhaled PO
Dosing 1-40ppm, via inspiratory limb of ventilator 20mg TDS
Absorption 40% PO bioavailability
Distribution Avidly bound to Hb 95% protein bound, VD of 100L
Metabolism Metabolised to methaemoglobin and nitrite prior to reaching systemic circulation - t1/2 of < 5s Hepatic by CYP450
Elimination Faecal
Mechanism of Action Stimulates cGMP which reduces intracellular Ca2+ Stimulates cAMP which reduces intracellular Ca2+ and smooth muscle growth Inhibits cGMP
Resp Inhibits HPV, improves V/Q matching
CVS ↓ vascular resistance, ↓ PVR in ventilated alveoli and improving V/Q matching. ↑ Capillary permeability. ↓ BP with compensatory ↑ HR ↓ PVR
Haeme Inhibits platelet aggregation. MetHb Inhibits platelet aggregation
Other Rebound pulmonary HTN on abrupt cessation


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