Inhibit protein synthesis by disrupting the 50S ribosomal subunit. May be bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal, depending on the concentration and the particular organism.

Property Clindamycin
Spectrum of Activity Gram positive cocci, anaerobes. Little action against gram negative aerobes. Also active against some protozoa, such as P. falciparum.
Route of Administration PO/IV
Dosing 150-300mg Q6H
Absorption 90% PO bioavailability
Distribution Excellent bony penetration
Metabolism Hepatic to active and inactive metabolites
Elimination Renal elimination of all metabolites
MSK May cause neuromuscular blockade in overdose
GIT Reasonable incidence of GIT upset, with fatal pseudomembranous colitis reported. Deranged LFTs
Immune Atopy, eosinophilia, DRESS


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