The D-isomer of sotalol is a class III antiarrhythmic, whilst the L-isomer also has class II activity.

Property Action
Class Class III antiarrhythmic
Uses Tachyarrhythmia prophylaxis
Presentation Solution at and tablets
Isomerism Racemic mixture
Route of Administration PO/IV
Dosing PO: 40-160mg BD IV: 50-100mg over 20 minutes
Absorption >90% bioavailability
Distribution No protein binding
Metabolism Not metabolised
Elimination Excreted unchanged in urine
Resp Bronchospasm
CVS Torsades (< 2%) - more common with high doses, long QT, and electrolyte imbalances
CNS Masking symptoms of hypoglycaemia
GU Sexual dysfunction


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Last updated 2019-07-18

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